5 FAQ:

H O W D I D Y O U S T A R T M O D E L I N G ?

I am not signed to any agent. All my photos are taken by my husband and we work together as a team. I am great at the creative direction part and know my body and what angles work best. I also really try to portray my personality through the lens. I always want to remain authentic. I always get asked how did I learn to "model"..... one word...confidence in yourself.

H O W  D I D  Y O U  S T A R T  B L O G G I N G ?

I just had a passion for creating looks and finding odd locations to shoot at. My husband and I started out snapping photos on vacations and realized we wanted this to be our business. We operate as a team and we are very passionate about what we create. I love looking at a trash can and saying I am going to sit next to it in this killer outfit and this will look bomb as a photo!

H O W  D O  Y O U  M E E T  O T H E R  B L O G G E R S ?

Well it isn't called "social media" for no reason. My number one advice is reach out, speak up, and don't give a shit if someone turns you down for a lunch or doesn't respond. Your life is literally going to be ok if that happens. 90% of the time people want to engage and meet up and think its cool that you stepped up to the plate.

H O W  A R E  Y O U  S O  C O N F I D E N T ?

I have always truly believed in myself. It started at a young age when I would tell my mom that I was definitely going to be famous. I use to perform for hours on my so called "stage" in my house (call me big headed oh well).  I wanted to be an actress for a while but decided I didn't want to take that path. I was bullied hardcore growing up and I never let that shit get to me. I always believed I was cool and didn't care. I don't know if thats because my parents raised me like that or if it was just installed since birth but just remember to OWN WHO YOU ARE! Confidence is huge when you have an audience on  a platform such as social media.

H O W  M A N Y  S I B L I N G S  D O  Y O U  H A V E ?

5, yes I said it 5. I have one brother and 4 sisters. We all have our own baggage but guess what..... we would do anything for one another. We are a tight-knit group and at the end of the day we can blow stuff off and laugh together. Vacations are so fun when we all go as a group. We are a pretty rowdy bunch.